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Handmade silicone based sextoys with suction cup

Create your own custom sextoy or find your new favorite in our inventory!

Toys available in inventory and ready to ship!

Healthy and colorful toys for everyone!

Body Safe & Vegan

Body Safe et Vegan

99% Platinium silicone body safe and 1% non controversial natural mica powder, which are cosmetic quality, complying with European regulations and not tested on animals. The toys are obviously phtalate free !

Original Shapes

Original Shapes

Suction cup dildos got used to have a penis shape. Here, no such representation ! All the toys have an original shape and have a suction cup base to please everyone.



Each toy is available for customization: you can choose its size, firmnesse and a pour among thousands of different color combinations !

Our toys

You can currently choose among four different toys ! They all have a suction cup base and are customizable.


Each toy is available for customization: you have the choose its size, firmnesse, and a pour among thousands of color combinations ! To design your own toy, click the button below :)

In need of inspiration to customize your toy by yourself or simply looking for unique creations ? Keep an eye on our inventory and maybe you will find your new favorite !

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